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2053 : The engineered DNA of a thousand species are carefully gathered selected and spliced. 2153 : Raw materials stream inwards from the furthest corners of the galactic spiral. Entire planetary
civilizations are created and left to wither on the back of Her material needs. Construction begins.

2600 : In the massive orbital incubator that now rings the entire planet, microbial proto-liquids bubble, actuators mix and strain, push and siphon. Protein strands dance and knit together on meticulously engineered nanostructure frameworks. Impossibly complex biological structures emerge as a result of the steady diligent pulse of activity. Balance is key and is scrupulously monitored by swarms of nanites that tweak a hundred thousand factors as needed.

2850 : Information begins to be transferred through the amniotic cable. A plethora of civilizations' knowledge and histories are collected, translated, transmitted and absorbed into Her.

2998.9 : The descendants of Her first acolytes from so long ago ready the final surge of power required for the fulfillment of their ancestors' vision. They have maintained a millennium of tireless conviction and endeavour out of love and devotion. Now despite all odds they are finally reaching a culmination.

2999 : The entire galactic energy output dims in simultaneous quantum entanglement for a picosecond. Her eyes open and she sees Her children looking upon her in adoration, and in that instant she knows in Her wisdom that they are misguided.


released January 27, 2014

Artwork by Santiago Vecino

Musical interpretation by A Thousand Years

Mastered by Shawn Hatfield

Story by Amit Dutta

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all rights reserved


Dance Like It's 2999 Earth, Texas

What do you envision for our next millennium? That’s a question we asked a range of electronic producers with this project, to soundtrack the end of the 30th century. Show us what might be, or what they’d wish for humanity.

To help bring these ideas to life we also have a wide array of illustrators choosing tracks to interpret. The results are fascinating, we hope you enjoy.
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